Saturday, July 2nd, 2005 at 8:28 pm

Okay, before i begin. WOOHOOOOO! I’m done! I’m done with my education! (for the time being) DONE DONE DONE!! I received an email abt 2 days ago informing that 3 copies of my thesis have been approved by the dept and headed for the registrar’s office. sigh of relief

And that my frens and readers, marks the end of a 19 year educational journey. punctuated by many great friends/experiences and dismal achievements/results. I can’t believe it lasted that long. phew! another sigh of relief

but i guess i shouldn’t so relieved about not studying anymore. with about 98% of my working friends telling me that i’m about to enter hell without knowing it, i guess i shouldn’t be celebrating just yet. but what the fuck. i dun give a shit. hahha.. I’m just glad that i’ve completed one phase of my life.

so what am i doing now? well, i’ve got a job whoop-dee-doo (groans) which i’m starting end-august. so between then and now, i’m just going to go fuckin mad holidaying. WOOOHOOO!! right now, i’m in Surabaya, Indonesia visiting my dad, will be here for about 10 days. between waking up at 4.30am and playing disastrous golf, i can’t really say i’m doin anything else much. haha. just been buying dvds, getting stuck in traffic, eating, buying more dvds, eating, getting stuck in traffic… u get wat i mean.

after i get back, i’ll be goin off to Bangkok for a 5 day trip. ahh. shopping, eating and relaxing by the pool. i can’t wait. my baht is ready to go. haha.

After that, i’ll be headed for the states. we’re goin to vegas baby! woohoo! not for casinos, not for naked strippers, not for outlandish shows, but for star trek. for STAR TREK! woohooo! probably goin to get me a starfleet uniform and beam out of this frickin hell hole we call earth. haha. i wanna go disneyland. heh. 50th anniversary this year! maybe i can get a photo with the little mermaid, she’s so hot. who can resist a girl who sits in a clam. yum.

and then, i have to face reality and begin urgh.... work. haha. with all the money i’m going to spend, i’m going to need to work. oh well, i guess it will be a new experience! yay! /faints

well, readers in blogland, i shall now return to watching smallville episode 3. back to my lana lang. oh lana, why do you torture me sooooo….

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Thursday, June 16th, 2005 at 6:13 pm

everyday the routine is similar. type type type. but at least now i’m beginning to see the shit at the end of a long struggle to push my bowels (analogy). that analogy rings true with the writing of my thesis. long struggle? check. pushing? check. seeing shit at the end? check. now i’m at the stage where i still haf a little drop of shit stuck at my ass, i can’t push it, but its too gross to touch it with my fingers. yes. that stage.

on a less shitty note. i’ve been thinkin and planning for my leetle holiday at the end of my almost 20 years of schooling. phew. i’m tired just from thinkin abt those 20 years. phew. finally decided to go to vegas wit my buddy for our bachelor trip! wooooo… not goin there for babes or gambling, but for the klingons, vulcans and the enterprise! woooot! for the uninformed (tsk tsk), that’s star trek fer ya, and i’m goin to catch The Star Trek Experience which is an attraction at the vegas hilton. not really as big as most of the other stuff there, but hell, i dun care. probably get to go shopping in places which carry decent sizes too, not like the imp-like sizes that fukin stinkapore shops carry. PTUI!

i realise that my blog entry is quite random. ah fuggit. so many other thoughts, but too lazy to type. urgh.

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music piracy

Monday, May 30th, 2005 at 12:42 am

just a little tot i stole off pinksoapdinosaur’s blog about music piracy. why do we need online music stores? you know what we need? lemme tell u what we need. easy and simple. we just need cheaper music. period. lookit soundbuzz, they are selling me chinese tracks for $1.99. i can buy the bloody original CD for $4-7 at this shop in marine parade. original.

hell, at that price, i can buy cds like i buy mcD’s value meals. of coz the guy is selling parallels from china, which big CD shops are doing. but hey its original. any fight? if they were to sell english CDs for $5-7 apiece. hell, i’m sure instances of piracy would drop drastically. I WILL BET MY NUTS ON IT! why would i wana download stupid songs on p2p unsure of quality etc and waste time when i can buy original albums for $4-7?

my theory, the lower the price of original CDs, the lower the rate of piracy.

makes sense, does it not?

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This is your brain on email..

Sunday, May 29th, 2005 at 11:58 pm

Wow… email addiction. i always thought it would be quite tough nowadays cuz there’s so much spam. i mean everyday i check my mailbox and i get at least 40-50 spams. sheeesh.

This is your brain on email

i hate spam. i will personally castrate any spammer i meet.

“spam this!”


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nuisance calls

Thursday, May 26th, 2005 at 4:02 pm

this is the kinda calls i have been getting of late,

idiot: Hi, i’m calling from (random insurance company). you have been been selected for our management trainee program. It seems that your profile has met our needs. Would you be free to come down for an interview


/end dream sequence

okay, that wasn’t me. that was my alter ego, my reply was,

me: oh! erm, where did you get my profile from?

idiot: err.. some survey you filled in.

me: what survey?

idiot: erm.

me: ...anyway, thanks for calling, but i’m not interested at all. bye. click


another type of call is this one,

idiot: hi. our company is organising a job application seminar. it will teach u relevant job application skills. blah blah blah. would u like to come?


/end dream

me: erm, i’m not interested. thanks. bye.

my personal motto in life is “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” so fuck off with ur damn freebie seminars and freebie job offers. shove it up your own ass.

sigh, sometimes i don’t know why i bother entertaining these calls. i guess i just bother too much. these dumfuks are wasting my time, wasting my cellphone minutes (lucky i haf free incoming) and generally bothering the hell outta me. as much as i fully believe that selling insurance is the fastest way to get rich quick, and that i would definitely give it a try if a normal job doesn’t work out, i still don’t like being hassled by these insurance folk. i have a very capable agent who covers my entire family. i think i have enuf policies. so the next time one of them makes a cold or unsolicited call offering me a “job” or a policy, i will fuk them one time good. and i do mean fuk them one time very good. hopefully i make them cry or curse. boy is this gettin me into a foul mood. i’m usually such a pleasant and boring person. really ;)

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Loooong weekend…

Tuesday, May 24th, 2005 at 12:53 pm

wat a busy weekend. everything began on friday when we made some last minute finalisations for my buddy melvin’s wedding. and from there, it was basically no-sleep till 36 hrs later. in all, i was awake for more than 48 hours. wooot!

the wedding was a blast and all of us had tons of fun. basically the day was spent rushing from one spot to another to ensure that the bride and groom had a great day. and boy did they have a good time! congrats mel! ;)

at 2am, i was so hungry. needed a quarter pounder with cheese, yum. but alas, no burger for fat me. sunday was spent slacking and resting. up till today, i’m still feelin sleepy. hahaha. will post photos once they’re ready.

yesterday was also spent just lazing around and basically catching up on sleeeeeep. went to the coq and bull for steak last night to celebrate adrian’s belated birthday. the meat was good, but it wasn’t done very well for me. my medium well tasted like a medium-chao tar. haha. went for gelato after that. shite man. i’ve been eating so much. time to lose some weight. urgh.

and what is bloody wrong with the weather again? fukin hell. its too bloody hot. this can’t be right. someone move the sun away. puh-leeeeeeeeeze!!

oke, now back to doin some work. 7 days to submission and no completed thesis in sight.

i am so fuked. muahahhahaha.


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argh. disappointed. revenge of the zzz.

Friday, May 20th, 2005 at 12:53 pm

after all this anticipation, star wars episode 3 was a real let down. in fact, ep1-3 was quite a let down in terms of story, plot development. i think lucas is repressed. after all the inability to express his creativity in environment building in ep4-6, he let loose in ep1-3.


it was too much. too overdone. too much action. too little substance. lines were abrupt and choppy. each speaking moment was just there to introduce more action.. and yet more action… anakin turned to the dark side too easily, too abruptly, there was no build up. yoda gave up too easily.. “failed.. i have. to exile… i must go..” wtf. so simple? so easy? c’mon george! u cudda done better than that!

in all, it has been a bad movie month with 2 of my most anticipated shows turning out to be duds. argh. now i can wait for the others and hope they be better. war of the worlds and hitchhiker here i come. pls don’t disappoint me again. i can’t watch 4 duds in a row!

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episode 3 fever..

Monday, May 16th, 2005 at 11:09 pm

P5162325, originally uploaded by THX 1981.

as i await thursday, the day when i join the brotherhood of geeks and celebrate the concluding chapter of our geekdom, i continue to entertain myself with pictures of other geeks goin mad.

got this picture from a flickr member who attended the ep3 celebration on 16May. click on the check out the rest of the photos. if you’re wondering why the storm troopers are aiming at the black dude, check out the label on his jacket. thats why.

okay, i have to get back to thesis :) urgh.


oh wait! in other news… XBOX 360 has been announced woooot! the long awaited follow up to the xbox! thank goodness they didnt name it xbox2 or something like that. xbox 360 has a nice ring to it.. hee.. check it out at

oke back to work now…

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Sith Happens

Sunday, May 15th, 2005 at 1:02 am

15052005.jpg, originally uploaded by mrbunglez.

This is ma new pair of boxers as mentioned in my post below. had to take a pic to show the world. muahhaha. RISE LORD VADER RISE

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crazy weather…

Sunday, May 15th, 2005 at 12:27 am

my goodness, what is up with the weather? one day its bloody end-of-the-world hot and another its noah’s ark scale thunderstorms. not that i’m complaining about the latter, but a little consistency wud be nice. yes, i’m a stickler for consistency. and go to hell whoever said that the change is the only consistent thing. watever…

in the past 14 days, i have spent almost $1700. wow. okay la, one of them was the stupit handphone which i love to death. haha. then my poor dog (lana) fell sick. poor gerl couldn’t eat, so brought her to the vet, who shoved a thermometer up her ass. gross. fukin gross. she had a fever, so she’s on tons of meds. can u believe my dog’s glucosamine tabs cost more than mine? nice… then the next day she started limping around the house. my heart almost broke with the sight of her limping towards me, wanting some lovin from me.. sob sob so i brought her to another vet to take an xray of her legs and hips. sigh. my poor dog. anywayz, now she’s much better, but my wallet isn’t. haha. total cost? $158 + $97. broke.

a really good buddy of mine is gettin married next weekend, so the week has been busy planning for his stuff. and yes i put on weight, so yes, i need a new suit. afterall i’m only the bloody emcee, not very nice to have a guy standing on stage with his stomach pushing against his suit. not an appealing sight, trust me. so off to the tailor i went, made me my first ever tailored suit, and i made a new shirt too. $385 + $60. broke.

i’m hopin that i won’t get anymore surprises this month, cuz my bank account cant handle it. sigh. and i wanted to get a light saber too. my best fren and i are going to catch EPISODE 3 next week!! wooohoooooo… we were going to bring light sabers and turn it on when the title screen came rolling.. my lines are “RISE LORD VADER! RISE!!” guess that’s so not going to happen. to make up for not having a light saber, i bought me a new pair of boxers, which has the words SITH HAPPENS emblazoned on my ass. so cool. $12. broke.

as anyone can see, it has been an eventful week. and that means that my thesis is screwed. speaking of which. i better get back to it right now. saturday night doin work. sad. broke. bleh.

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